Reading isn’t like Reading

There’s the reading you do in everyday life, of a novel, a text message, social media, for example. And then there’s academic reading, of textbooks or journal articles, for example. Although both are reading, the latter has more processes ‘tacked on’ to make it useful for your research. This sort of text tends to be more dense, meaning you need to explore it in more depths. It includes re-reading, looking up words (and maybe reading up on concepts unfamiliar to you), questioning the information, making notes on both the content and your comments on it (but separately so you know what is the content, and what were your thoughts), as well as noting down any questions you might have.
The difference is a bit like between getting from A to B, which is a straightforward read from beginning to end in one go, and taking a leisurely stroll, observing as you go, taking much more time and paying much more attention.


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