Spill the Beans

Spill the Beans small

When starting a written assignment, don’t try to get it perfect the first time round. Just like a design project, writing needs to be reviewed, revised and redrafted – good academic writing is not an instantaneous sit down, write the whole thing from start to finish and then hand it in; it should go through a circle of revision. As your first draft isn’t going to be perfect, don’t worry about making it flawless, just worry about getting some words to paper – or screen. Think of it as ‘spilling the beans’ – write down everything that you know about your subject. Don’t worry about the order, don’t worry about the structure, don’t worry about the language, don’t worry about putting in the evidence properly. All these you can (and should) worry about later, once you are editing, revising, redrafting. For now it is most important that you get something onto paper (or screen). Some people call this the ‘shitty’ first draft, think of it as unordered nuggets of information that are a bit all over the place, bound together by the sauce of the same idea – it’s ok that it isn’t good, the important thing is that you produce something that you can work with.


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